This is the most common form of text search on the Web. Most search engines do their text query and retrieval using keywords.

What is a keyword, exactly? It can simply be any word on a webpage. For example, If you page is a list of exercise or fitness tips, and on the page you list tips for things to do before, during, and after a workout, then you need to think to yourself, “what 10 or 15 words or phrases is this page MOST about?” Just because your page mentions dieting in the text doesn’t mean that the page is about dieting. If you want to win for dieting, then create a page about dieting. The ultimate example of a page which is focused and ready for search engine optimization is a page from an encyclopedia. Each page is brief, focused, and has just one theme.

Useful keywords and key phrases for this page would be “SEO,” “SEO ranking,” “search engine methods,” “how search engines work,” “ranking” “relevancy,” “search engine tutorials,” etc. Those keywords would actually tell a user something about the subject and content of this page.

So, assuming your website was about upcoming boxing fights and who won the last fight or about a particular boxers or boxing events. Your keyword will be “Boxing News” because that’s what you’re providing to your readers.

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