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Your here for a one reason you want to learn about SEO to get more traffic to your site I don’t blame you who doesn’t want to generate more sales, build your emailing list who doesn’t want to build a brand for themselves.

I know what you are thinking, where do you start, right? Well, the way I started was with an SEO tool called Meta Tag Analyzer. All you had to do is enter in your website URL and it would tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Sadly, that tool isn’t useful anymore since it isn’t up-to-date. But you’re in luck.

Cyber Lords offers you a complete SEO report.

Pick a keyword and URL

Before you can start using our SEO Report, you need to provide us with your website URL and the keyword you want to rank for if you don’t know why keywords are important click here.

Once you know the keyword you want to rank for will crawl your website and then crawl the top 10 competitors that rank for the same keyword you want to rank for.

Analyzing the report

Once we’re done crawling your site will provide you with a detail report that will suggest what needs to be done on your site to be SEO ready.

Our SEO report will include:

Overall competition

The playing field has been leveled. Never before has it been so easy to get professional level comparisons and instructions to optimize your website like a pro.

If you want to rank high on Google, you need to first know how you stack up to the competition. You need to look at how many links your competitors have, how old their website is, and their Google Pagerank. This will let you know whether it’s even possible for you to

compete or get anywhere close.

Title tag and your competition title tag

The SEO report will compare your title tags to your competitors. The SEO Report will give you recommendations like this:

• Make sure that your title tag includes your keyword (a greater weighting is given to key phrases at the left of the title tag)
• A compelling call-to-action might help you get a better click-through rate in Google search engine results pages.
• Make title tag unique on each page (Google Webmaster Tools can help you detect problems with the title tags)
• Avoid keyword stuffing in your page title.

You would then take those recommendations and make the necessary changes to your website.

Headings and Body text

The SEO Report will suggest what you need to do and show you what your competition is already doing to rank high as an h1, h2 or an h3 heading.

Keywords and URLs

Just like the heading tags, will show you the keywords you currently ranking for and your competitors

Get a roadmap to drastically improve your sites search engine rankings in all major search engines and countries within seconds.

Robots.txt and sitemaps

Don’t forget about the small things because they can drastically affect your website’s ranking. A lot of times when you signup for web hosting, they include a robots.txt file by default that could be blocking your website from being indexed by search engines.

In addition to that, you have to make sure all of the webpages on your site are getting indexed. By creating a XML sitemap and submit it to the search engines. If you aren’t sure how to do either of the two things mentioned above, don’t worry as SEO Report will walk you through both of them.

Load time

A websites load time is critical to Google. If your website loads too slowly, you may not rank that well. Luckily, through this report, not only will you see your website load time stats, but also your competitors.


Our SEO report will also help you with everything above and much, much more if you want to learn SEO, the best way you’re on the right path. Through Cyber Lords SEO Report, all you have to do is enter in your URL and the keyword you want to rank for and will tell you what to change and fix is that simple.

Get your SEO report in 3 easy Steps today and be prepared to blown away by your custom, detailed and in depth report!

Step 1. Enter Your URL Step 2. Enter Your Keyword Step 3. Make Payment to Receive Your Report!

Seriously, it’s that Easy. Just enter your info below to Get Started.

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