Writer’s block happens to every blogger. Producing great content on a regular basis can be difficult, but you’re not the only one staring at the monitor here is a simple trick to avoid the dreaded blogger’s block and get your old post some exposure.

Republish Old Post

If you like me and have your archive full with great content then re-publish your old posts, especially the popular ones, as many of your new readers might not have seen those. I use this technique when I get the blogger’s block and it works.

Not only are you saving your self from busting your brain for that day, but it also lengthen the life cycle of a blog post.

Of course this works for any niche unless your niche is very time-driven (i.e. news), then re-posting is not a great idea.

When I say re-post I don’t mean copy the content from an old post and create a new post out of it. That might upset Google as it will be consider duplicate content.

The trick is to change the date stamp on the post. Login to your WordPress and find your most popular content and click Edit and simply change the time stamp to today.

The result is that the post would now show up on your homepage, but the post itself and the permalink would still be the same, so there would be no duplicate content. You would only be changing the position of that post inside your archives. This approach is SEO safe.

Another way to make the most of your old content.

Use A Related Posts Plug-in

There are a ton of plug-ins out there which do related posts.

Link Back to Old Posts

When you write a new post, be sure to link to your old post within your post. Not only does this help with search engine optimization, but it can also lead your readers back into your archives.

Use Autoresponder

This one is my favorite use your emailing list to create an autoresponder series. Basically set up a series of emails with your best stuff which will be sent to all your new subscribers. I like use Aweber which is easy to set.

Benefits of Republishing

If the old post has incoming links and page rank then its better to improve the quality of the content rather than add duplicate content on the same topic. Is also possible your page has authority which is built up over time. New post don’t have any page authority so it will be harder to climb the search engine ranks with a new post.

I hope this helps keeping your old posts alive and from banging your head against the wall.