iStock_000003254519Small-seoThe thing about SEO is that it’s constantly evolving. Not only does that mean a lot of the old information is inaccurate, but it also means there are a lot of misconceptions out there as anyone can create a blog and write about SEO, even if they are not experts.

Lie #1: It’s good to let authority sites republish your content

The issue with having your content republished is that it creates duplicate content. Even if that authority site links back to you, search engines like Google will rank the authority site above yours. What’s even worse is that you can potentially get hit by a Panda penalty.

Lie #2: The more pages of content you have, the better

The issue with blogging or creating tons of pages of content about what you do is that it is a very dry and boring topic. That means very few people are going to share the content on the social web and/or link back to you.
Before you add pages of content to your site, think about whether people will actually want to share and link to those web pages.

Just because you read something, don’t expect it to be true.
Always try to understand why certain things work the way they do, especially in SEO and marketing. Things are constantly evolving, and you need to stay current on new developments if you want to dominate the search results.