Google co founderI don’t care what anyone says Google is by far the best search engine ever. My niche sites received significantly more traffic from Google organic search than any other source, although the other search engine update their crawling result faster than Google, they only bring small traffic my site.

When Russian-born American computer scientist, Sergey Brin and Internet entrepreneur, Larry Page brought Google to life in September 1998 out of a dorm room, they had no idea that it would one day employee 32,000 people, process one billion searches a day, and earn over $30 Billion a year.

For Google, simple means faster, easier to use, and higher quality.

“Simplicity is powerful” that’s Google Philosophy.

Part of the reason for Google’s success was the collaboration they encouraged among their employees. Since the beginning, they’ve implemented something called open source software development, “where innovation takes place through the collective effort of many programmers.”

Google grow without spending millions on a marketing campaign like Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves. Google was so great that it spread almost entirely by word of mouth especially when all of their software and services are free: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, Google Earth, Google Chrome… the list goes on and on. They let their innovative products and services speak for themselves.

Have you heard about working at Google? They’ve got tricycle conference rooms! They’ve got free, organic, locally sourced food from gourmet chefs. They’ve got dry cleaning, free transportation, backup childcare and more brightly colored plastic things than all of the kindergartens in Silicon Valley together.

Just remember to make money online you need to build websites that Google loves!
That is why you should learn SEO. Specifically if we’re going to target Google.

It’s important to know what Google wants. That way you can prevent any sort of penalty to your niche sites.