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Have you noticed on the Google search results some sites have a little picture next to there listings? You’re not the only one who is noticing. This little feature is getting a much higher Click through rate (CTR) in other words is generating more clicks, more clicks means more sales.

Google Authorship

It’s called Google Authorship. If you’re a website, blog owner you can not ignore this. This is something you should implement on your site ASAP. Because having an image next to your name will increase your clicks. Think about it… People are curious and it helps to stand out form the rest of the search results.

The good news is to implementing Google Authorship (the picture next to your listing) is extremely simple and the whole thing should not take more than a few minutes.

First, you need to have a Google Profile click here to create profile.

Second, you need to have an “About” page on your website.

Do create it if you don’t have one. This is the page where you write about yourself like a bio. The page should be in the same website where you publish your articles. Link your name (preferable) to your Google Profile. This link should have rel=”me”.

The reciprocal rel=”me” links tell Google that the profiles represent the same person. The link should looks like this:

<a rel="me" href=" ">Edgar Gonzalez</a>

Replace the “GOOGLE ID” with the ID of your Google+ profile. To get this ID just go to your Google+ account > Go to Profile. Or copy the link from your browser when you’re in your Google+ profile. This ID number will go in place of the numbers mentioned in the above link. Click here to see my About page.

Third Step. Add the author link (rel=”author”)

Add the following link anywhere in your website (sidebar, header, footer –wherever you feel like) This link should have rel=”author” attribute.

The link should looks like this:

<a href=”” rel=”author”>About Us</a>

Final step sign in to your Google Profiles account and under links, add a new custom link that points to your “About Me” page. Check the option that says “Public” and save the changes.

Now to make sure you did everything right open the rich snippets in Google (click here) Webmasters and copy and paste the URL of a recent post. If the results say verified author (see the next screenshot), you are all set.

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One last step
After you’ve followed all our instructions above, please complete this form once your content is re-crawled, you will see the image next to search results.

Troubleshooting tips:

If you get this error message “Error: Author profile page does not have a rel=”me” link to a Google Profile” from the Rich Snippets Testing Tool site or any other error. Follow the instructions below.

The trouble shoot tips is a premium content. You can read them with a small donation of $20 bucks. I could guarantee it will work or I will personally help you. Keep in mind some wordpress themes require extra plugins and extra steps in order for the Google Authorship to work. I show you everything you need. Is $20 worth extra traffic? It sure is. Remember if my instructions can’t help you I will personally help you and for whatever reason I can’t make it work I will refund you your money.