Daniel from DailyBlogTips posted a great point on SEO which most of us usually forget. Unique and useful content is not enough to rank high in the search engines. Having unique and useful content should always be the first part of your SEO strategy. Even if you have buttloads of high quality content, though, this alone will not be enough to drive organic traffic to your website.

Why not? Because simply writing and publishing that content on your website doesn’t mean that Google will know about it, let alone trust it. You can achieve this will the point below.

Get people talking about your content/website

The second half of the SEO equation (the first one being having unique and useful content) is to get Google to know and trust your content. Without getting technical, you can achieve this by getting other people to talk about your content and website.

For example, if you write a highly articulated post explaining what caused the latest financial crisis it’s likely that many financial bloggers will link to your post, people interested in finance will share and like your post on Facebook, others will retweet it, so on and so forth. Google tracks all those mentions, and it will figure that your content is probably top notch. The result is that your post will rank high when people search on Google for related terms.

Reaching that top spot in search engine rankings is becoming ever more difficult as more people compete for those positions and as Google continues to refine its search algorithms. You need every advantage you can get and good SEO is one of those advantages.