The problem with certificate can occur in different browsers. Some browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla can show different errors and instead of showing you how to hide the problem by making changes to your browser I am going to show you how to fix it.

Let’s be honest if your running a online business or services your visitor is not going to add your random website to there trusted certificate browser settings, why should they? Plus they shouldn’t have too. Your website should work good across any browser period.

What’s the cause of sec_error_revoked_certificate error?

The most common issue is that you purchase a SSL Certificate that can be use on multiple websites. Godaddy offers a SSL certificate for all your subdomains/websites and you forgot to update your certificate within 72 hours from adding a new domain name/website.

The solution for sec_error_revoked_certificate error

1. Login to your Godaddy Account
2. Select the SSL Certificate
3. Assuming you finish adding all the subject alternative domain names (SANs)
4. Download The Certificate again
5. Select Server Type “Apache” Zip File

Now go back to your Godaddy Account and Select your Web Hosting Account

1. Access your Cpanel
2. Select SSL/TLS from Security section
3. Select Certificates (CRT)
4. Under the Certificates on Server Find your old certificate and Delete. the Issuer should say, Inc.
5. Now Scroll down and Upload your new Certificate. There should be two (2) files inside the ZIP file you download earlier. Upload one at a time.
5. Now go back your Cpanel and select SSL/TLC again.
6. Now Click Install and Manage SSL for your site (https)
7. Now select your domain from the drop down and click Autofill by Domain.
8. After it auto fills scroll down and Click the green Install certificate Button.

You should now be able to visit your website.