Becoming an authority web site is not easy, and it’s very dependent on the amount of back links you have, in addition to the amount of content you are adding to your site.

SEO-tips-commentsThrough the use of link building, you can increase your sites rankings in the search engines. Leaving comments on other blogs is very effective strategy for building up your social web influence, improving your SEO efforts and driving more business your way.

Effective SEO’s take risks

If you’re aggressive with your sites you’ll quickly learn what helps boost rankings and what doesn’t. SEO isn’t going to disappear overnight. Either you start being aggressive or start waiving bye to your competitors.

SEO isn’t a new. Everyone does it and there isn’t much that’s a secret these days. The point I am trying to make is that you can’t rely on one tactic to achieve high rankings. You have to diversify, as SEO is a constant game of cat and mouse… and blog commenting will help you achieve that.

Everyone Loves Comments

If you don’t leave comments how else can you connect with another bloggers? Those bloggers see that you are reading what they write…and a good comment sends a message that you spent time on it.

And it’s my belief that commenting on blogs is a vital part of this social layering. In fact, you could get more clout with Google by having more articles on your blog, by writing guest posts, contribute to question and answer sites like Quora, and, of course, leaving more comments.

Of course, that also means you can’t leave links within your comment and that my friends is where you benefit from.

Google likes it when you contribute to the social web. So let’s look at a commenting strategy that will boost your social influence and improve your search ranking at the same time.

Right now Cyber Lords is offering commenting service to give you a little boost. I have done this to many of my niche sites and within few weeks my sites got hundreds of back links.

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