always-someone-cheaperYour online business will succeed or fail based on SEO. It’s too important to hand over to just anyone.

If you’re truly concerned about your business’s success, you’ll give SEO the attention and investment it deserves.

Cheap SEO may not hit your pocketbook as hard, but how effective do you think the work will be at rock bottom prices?

We see a whole range of Cheap SEO service offerings out there, and very few of them are of high quality. Especially for the off page activities, Google has really limited the options in the past two years with the Penguin penalties. A large list of previously acceptable link building activities are no longer effective, and many of them can even open you up to a Google slap.

You wanted to save money by hiring SEO agency a lot cheaper?

If you’ve been actively targeting specific keywords, do a quick search for these terms and see where you appear. If you’re suddenly nowhere, then perhaps you’ve been hit because of over optimization of anchor text, or bad link building practices. If you pay less your going to get less quality and in return you might get your site penalize.

Automated SEO Processes and Schemes

Automation of link building, blog commenting, forum commenting, and a list of other tactics worked like a charm a few years ago. Not so much today.

The search engines monitor your progress in building links over time based on pattern analysis. When there’s an anomaly where you build a lot of links or blog comments in a very short period of time, that can lead to a manual review. We all know manual reviews are like an IRS Audit – you want no part of them.

Google has gone on record saying that scalable, automated SEO tactics are against their webmaster guidelines. It’s okay to accumulate links, but not if you are taking a shortcut to pursue volume without putting in the work to earn it. Be careful what you are buying, because it is your website.

Cheap SEO IS Bad SEO

Pretty clearly, you can see that cheap SEO is just plain bad SEO. If you want to see real results over time, hire someone who gets white hat SEO, know that it will take some time to get there, and pay them what their skillset is worth. In the long run, your site will perform better and you will minimize the risk of a Google penalty. While you are at it, you might just learn some new tricks to help improve performance beyond what you thought was possible beforehand.

Why Us?

Google is making it harder than ever to organically get your website to the top. You used to be able to drive a few links to your website and voila! Not the case anymore. They now look at hundreds of different factors including link building, on-page metrics, social signals, etc.

With so many companies practicing antiquated SEO tactics, they will eventually get knocked off the first page. When you work with an SEO company who does it right, you are positioning yourself to intercept all of their traffic!

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