Simple SEO Tips

It can be a rough first few weeks and months for beginners who want to learn SEO. There’s a lot of new terminology to memorize lots of outdated information and the competition is getting fiercer by the day. But here’s the good news: every SEO expert today was a beginner at some point in the past, and they reached guru status by a constant focus on improving their SEO game. Here are the nuts and bolts to rank high on the web by optimizing your website with these simple SEO tips.

Content is king, so be sure to have good, well-written […]

Effective SEO Commenting Strategy

Becoming an authority web site is not easy, and it’s very dependent on the amount of back links you have, in addition to the amount of content you are adding to your site.

Through the use of link building, you can increase your sites rankings in the search engines. Leaving comments on other blogs is very effective strategy for building up your social web influence, improving your SEO efforts and driving more business your way.

Effective SEO’s take risks

If you’re aggressive with your sites you’ll quickly learn what helps boost rankings and what doesn’t. SEO isn’t going to disappear overnight. Either you […]

Two Critical SEO Tips

Two Critical SEO Tips

It’s not easy to achieve top search engine rankings and it requires continuous efforts to achieve and maintain it. If you are struggling to get high rankings in search engines it means that your website is not well optimized for the search engines to increase your rankings.

There is no secret to SEO and the most important factors are

Quality Content

A good SEO blog starts with great content. If you aren’t writing great content, no one will want to read it. The key is to be consistent as well. If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to […]

Republishing Old Post is SEO Safe!

Writer’s block happens to every blogger. Producing great content on a regular basis can be difficult, but you’re not the only one staring at the monitor here is a simple trick to avoid the dreaded blogger’s block and get your old post some exposure.

Republish Old Post

If you like me and have your archive full with great content then re-publish your old posts, especially the popular ones, as many of your new readers might not have seen those. I use this technique when I get the blogger’s block and it works.

Not only are you saving your self from busting your brain […]

Domain age is Important for Search Engines

In the latest Google update that SEOs call the Panda Update, some of the big changes seen were the importance given to age; the date the domain was registered.
The search engines assume that sites which already exist a few years, updating regularly, were the seeker can offer comprehensive and better information than a very new page. An older and aged website can do better in the SERP (Search engine ranking pages).

Purchasing a domain name that was already pre-owned. Not only will this allow you to avoid the “sandbox effect” of a new website in Google, but it also allows you […]

Secure your Keywords with Google Analytics

If you want your WordPress SEO site to rank higher in search engines, in addition to internal linking within your post, you need to link your new articles to your older post, but the twist is to link to a post you’re already ranking for.

Login to your Google Analytics.

On the left side bar under Traffic Sources select Keywords. You will then see the keywords your ranking for if you select “Landing Page” from the drop down menu you will see the articles that already rank in search engines for the specific keywords.

If you’re not ranking #1 for any of the […]

Link Blending

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not easy and it requires a massive amount of knowledge, an incredible dedication to keeping up with the search engines that are constantly refining their parameters for inclusion. Here is a little known SEO tip to improve your ranking “Link Blending”

So what is link blending?

It’s simply linking to your site and other authoritative sites within your post.

Let’s say for example you have a sports website that provides boxing news and you have a friend who has a personal blog. Being his your friend you’re probably going to ask him to write a blog post about […]

Internal Linking Great for SEO

With all the talk out there about linking, one might be under the impression that the only links that count are those from other websites. While these links certainly play an important role these are certainly not the only important links.

Properly used internal links can be a useful weapon in your SEO arsenal. Here’s the best part, you have COMPLETE control over your own pages, their content matter and how they are linked (with which anchor text) from the content body on other pages in your website. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of this and use this method to […]

2012 Biggest SEO Mistakes

You have been reading for weeks on how best to implement SEO into your website. It may seem like SEO is easy to dominate. You would follow some SEO strategies and viola! You would jump to the top of Google and Bing for your selected keywords. But in reality, is not that easy. You have increased your ranking, but you are still on page 2 or maybe on the bottom of page 1.

Below are the most common SEO mistakes people make

Using Flash and JavaScripts Sucks for SEO

Flash might be attractive but not to search engines and users. Search engines don’t […]

Best SEO Tips for 2012

Regardless of the year, content will always reign as king in the SEO world. If you’re wondering about SEO tips for 2012, you’re not alone. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners who are curious about the latest SEO trends. The following are a few tips to help you achieve good results for the upcoming New Year.

Mobile SEO

Remember, a percentage of your web users will be searching the Web from their iPad and mobile device. If you post content that takes too long to get to the point, people will get bored and move on to your competitor’s website.

In 2012 […]