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The Importance of SEO

Google has made dramatic changes over the years and continues to update their search algorithm, having the biggest impact for small business websites. While search engine optimization (SEO) will become more difficult and expensive to execute, the return on investment remains high for small business. One of the best marketing tools a website can incorporate […]

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Get your Local business on Google Places

Get started in 5 minutes If you’re a business owner and want to add a listing for a single business location, read the instructions below. Sign-up is quick, easy and free. Simply log-in with your Google Account and verify that you are the owner. Show up across the web Give customers the right information about […]

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Basic SEO Mistakes to Avoid

One of the common issues I see people doing and SEO “expert” who either doesn’t really know what they’re doing that will ultimately destroy your long term ranking with Google is adding to many keywords into the Meta-tags. Trust me this will not optimize your page. During the 90′s, the extent of “SEO optimizing” for […]

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Generate More Traffic with SEO

Daniel from DailyBlogTips posted a great point on SEO which most of us usually forget. Unique and useful content is not enough to rank high in the search engines. Having unique and useful content should always be the first part of your SEO strategy. Even if you have buttloads of high quality content, though, this […]

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How to Create Local Profiles

Claim your profile on search engines and online local business directories like Google Places, Yelp and, yes Yellow If you don’t claim your profile, you’re either needlessly invisible or your risk letting others publish faulty information about you. Take for example a family restaurant that failed to capture its town’s brisk tourist trade because […]

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Local Business Tips

When it comes to local businesses you must have a website. When was the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages to search for something? It has been proven people now in days will search online rather than from newspapers, word-of-mouth, TV reporting or those tragic phone book. Build a Website with Your Own […]

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Google Penguin update

First it was the Panda Update that drove everyone insane people talked about getting hit on every forum and blog. Now, we can probably anticipate a similar trend with webmasters thinking they’ve been hit by Penguin. Again, sometimes this will probably, in fact, be the case. Google, of course, makes algorithmic changes every day. Penguin […]

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Google Authorship

Have you noticed on the Google search results some sites have a little picture next to there listings? You’re not the only one who is noticing. This little feature is getting a much higher Click through rate (CTR) in other words is generating more clicks, more clicks means more sales. Google Authorship It’s called Google […]

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social media advertising

Social media ads: Increasing your page rank

Internet marketing is the most effective method of promoting your product or service and improving your page rank. As internet is accessed by a majority of people all around the world, the company is viable to get more visibility than any other marketing technique. Internet marketing can increase your customers, and can also enhance the […]

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Exact Match Anchor Text Links

Another great video I came across, is one from Cyrus of the SEOMOZ team. This is a short 5 minute video but it’s a good one. Cyrus goes into detail on how the old days of building text anchor links with the same key phrases are no longer as effective as they used to be, […]

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